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Perhaps the most famous of all fairy tales, Cinderella was written in 1697 by a French lawyer for the Court of Louis XIV, Charles Perrault, for his grandchildren. True to the text of the original story, this exquisitely illustrated Lynn McClain version is about the persecuted and neglected Cinderella who is ultimately rewarded for her graciousness and virtuous character.

Marjory’s Christmas Shop

Originally written in 1918 by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, this charming American story is about a young girl determined to provide a happy Christmas for her mother and three siblings while her physician father is away serving the troops during World War One. Her enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit appeals to the entire town as she dedicates herself to serving the needs of others.

Pinocchio, The Adventures of a Puppet

This is the universally appealing story of how a wayward wooden puppet becomes a real boy. Originally published in 1883, this endearing story about an Italian puppet’s search for real boyhood through trial and consequences for his poor choices, is loved by children the world over. The story has been translated into more than two hundred fifty languages.

Robin Hood, Legend of Sherwood

The story of Robin Hood is one of England’s most famous legends. Its appeal is its tale of the universal desire for fairness and justice, especially in times of tyranny. This version, compiled from classic versions of the tale, including Joseph Cundall’s British version of 1842, retains the high adventure of the hero expressed in rich language delivered through the eyes of a schoolboy telling the story of Robin Hood to his classmates. Historical events from the days of Robin Hood are also included. The famous artist Greg Ruhl’s elegant illustrations captivate the heart of the reader with images that make the story come alive in a child’s imagination.

The Princess and the Pea

Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer, became famous for his fairy tales. His 1835 version of a princess with a sensitive nature, sensitive enough to feel a pea hidden under several layers of bedding, has lasted throughout generations in many cultures. His first collection of seven fairy tales, including Princess and the Pea was the beginning of a new genre of stories for children. Our version is exquisitely illustrated by Lynn McClain.

The Shoemaker and the Elves

This endearing story is the first of three fairy tales originally published in 1812 by the German brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. It is about the joy of giving and the rewards for work well done. The brothers Grimm had a passion for German folklore and spent the lives collecting and publishing over two hundred German folk tales. This story is especially meaningful during the Christmas season when generosity and benevolence toward those less fortunate abound.


The Tortoise and the Hare

Included in the original Aesops Fables, written in 600 BC, this beautiful edition is illustrated by the nationally acclaimed Lynn McClain. Losing patience with the hare’s arrogant boasting, the tortoise challenges him to a race. The hare has a substantial lead in the race and, confident of his conquest, pauses for a nap. When he awakes, he finds that the tortoise has crawled across the finish line to victory. The lesson of the story is that hard work and perseverance can triumph over carelessness and indolence.


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The ancient Greek fabulist Aesop, born circa 620 BC, is credited with originating this endearing tale. Mentioned in the writings of Aristotle, Herodotus, and Plutarch, he is thought to have been a clever slave who acquired his freedom through the enchanting and entertaining folklore he gathered and created. Although the story may have many variations, in most versions, the safety of a humble abode and contentment with the simple country life are championed. This classic story makes for a wonderful Thanksgiving tale.

Treasure Island

This beloved adventure novel, written by perhaps the greatest children’s author of all time, Robert Louis Stevenson, is a must-read for all youngsters. It chronicles the adventures of a motley cast of characters as they search for a vast buried treasure. The hero and narrator of the tale is the courageous young son of an innkeeper, Jim Hawkins, who increasingly exhibits good judgment and wisdom as the story progresses.

Where Love Is, There God Is Also

Written in 1885 by one of the most famous storytellers of all time, Russian author Leo Tolstoy, this short story is about a shoemaker named Martin Avdeitch, who was overwhelmed with grief after losing his wife and only child to illness. In a dream, God visits Martin, telling him he will have important visitors the next day. Martin anxiously peers out his basement window the following day, and observes three people in distress. Martin kindly assists each person in need. These three figures reappear to him with an important message from the Lord. This timeless story, illustrated by the talented Brian Jekel, is sure to please as a beautiful Christmas gift for any age.

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Brian Jekel's captivating illustration of 19th century Russia found in 

Where Love Is, There God is Also